Presence in Indonesia

Total Group has been present in Indonesia for more than 50 years. It is represented by affiliates in upstream and downstream sector. The expansion into downstream sector was started in 2003 with lubricants business, that were distributed nationwide in 2009, we entered the retail fuel market.

Quality and innovative products

Total is a major energy operator, producing and marketing fuels, natural gas, and low-carbon electricity. The Marketing & Services division is stepping up its research into new technologies and is rolling out its innovation strategy. With close to 1 billion USD allocated to R&D only, we present quality products and services adapted to our customers’ and markets’ needs. The research doesn’t stop in the lab. With strong presence in motorsport tracks, our racing heritage spans over years. In fact, the engineers who have developed our competition oils are the ones who develop our products in the market. Tested on the track, available to everyone.

State-of-the-art production plants

Our products are coming from our state-of-the-art plants, based in Singapore and Dubai. These plants are reputed for being reliable service providers of world class lubricants and able to supply complete range of products to meet various needs of the customers. The blending plant in Singapore is Total’s largest lubricants oil blending plant in the world. The lubricants hub illustrates our strategy to expand our position as one of the top global players in the business segment.

Supply chain and customer service team

Our supply network includes third party warehouse and stock points for storage of nearly 3.800 ton capacity to cover the nation. To ensure good customer experience, we are also equipped with an efficient organization with complaint management centralized in Customer Service that includes tracking issues in order to resolve concern between agreed service level and reduce missing information on complains.

Complete range of products

A variety of lubricants products catering to all segments: automotive, industrial, mining, and fleet, with different specifications, including synthetic and mineral grades. Blended with only selected base oils meeting Total’s standards with industry’s best quality control. We also have specialized products to meet specific industrial requirement, for example, food grade lubricants for food industry.

Nationwide distribution

A well spread network of distributors all across Indonesia with warehouses and stock points across the nation to facilitate product delivery regardless the location. And they are supported with dedicated sales force and technical officers.

Safety is our value

We are ISO 9001 certified. In a drive to continually improve safety, we take action every day with local stakeholders to guarantee the safety of everyone working at our sites. We implement strict safety compliance in logistics, including tracking mode vehicles to ensure safe delivery of products and training for drivers to ensure right conducts and understanding customers.

Technical supports to help customers

To support our customers, we provide various technical services. End-to-end support from our Global and Regional offices, starting from needs analysis, product recommendation, to application monitoring. Field visits are available by our in-house technical team. We also deliver technical trainings at customers’ sites. Our technical team is also equipped with tools to help customer’s operations.

Lubricants to keep engine younger for longer

Our automotive lubricants are approved by world champions. Total has a long history in motorsports. More than outstanding numbers of victories, competition is our laboratory. Our goal is to drive victory on the race tracks whilst drawing on this motorsport experiences to improve the performance of lubricants offered to the general public. This means, the engine oil for your vehicle benefit from the advanced innovations and know-how.

Out TOTAL QUARTZ range, oil for passenger cars, provides the ultimate resistance to oil breakdown by strengthening the molecular structure over 15,000 hours invested in research, testing, and development. All to provide engine oils that keep your engine younger for longer.

A mining solution

In mining business, Total has been supplying products and services, directly or indirectly, to over 200 mining operations globally. Thanks to a worldwide network of refineries, terminals, and blending plants, we are able to supply to mining customers even in most remote areas.

Lubricants solutions for your industrial applications

For industrial applications, Total offers lubrication solutions for various needs. Specific and innovative products, high added value services, safe and environmentally friendly products are among good reasons for choosing Total. Every industrial activity needs its range of lubricants. Contact us to discover more how we can help you with your operations.

Best fuel with best services

Today, we operate 18 service stations situated at prime urban locations in Greater Jakarta and Bandung. At our service stations we wish to provide not only the best products to our customers, but also the best services. Because sometimes, it is the little things that matter the most.